Our congregation hosts three regular worship services each weekend. The Saturday 5 PM service is a “come as you are” service that is soft and gentle, a lullaby before bed. While it includes less singing, a sermon and Holy Communion are included.

The Sunday services, at 8:30 and 11 AM, are more extroverted, especially once children return from the summer exodus. Both services include lots of music, children’s sermon, sermon and Holy Communion. We do not have a dress code and are child friendly. A staffed nursery is provided at the 11 AM service from September thru mid June. Generally, in August, an outdoor service is offered at the site of our Annual Church Picnic.

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We also offer a variety of special services during holiday seasons- Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. Midweek services are held at 7 PM each Wednesday of Lent when we sing a lovely service titled Holden Village Evening Prayer. Easter Sunday includes a sunrise service at 6:30 AM.

Sudanese Worship

Sudan Church

In 2001, the US Government decided to resettle thousands of Sudanese who had been displaced by years of civil war. Through Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, Tree of Life agreed to sponsor six young Sudanese men who arrived in the summer along with dozens more sponsored by other congregations in the Harrisburg area. Within a month, we adopted two more young men who came to the United States without a sponsor. Over the next ten years we acclimated them to life in the United States, helped them get jobs, housed them in a church property until they completed high school and college and became their friends. Early on, Tree of Life became the epicenter of the local Sudanese community. They met here for fellowship, for fun, and eventually for worship. We supported the training of one member of the community who attended Gettysburg Seminary, was ordained and now serves as the pastor of Sudan Church, a Dinka lanugage service that is held in our worship space every Sunday at 2 PM.

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